Friday, September 25, 2009

Finding 180C - Embrace the beaters Part 1

I don't think I really baked until I had Cooper.

I know it sounds lazy, but why would I when there are perfect cakes and biscuits in fantastic shiny packaging just waiting for me grab them off their shelves and throw them into my trolley.

When Cooper was diagnosed with Fructose and Sucrose Malabsorption, we were already dealing with his dairy, soy and egg intolerance. I had no choice but to make friends with my oven and embrace the beaters. I couldn't see him miss out. Being a child and eating bikkies and the odd cake go hand in hand.

So, Cooper thank you to my first introduction to baking. Now my baking isn’t the kind that would win medals at the local show. All I care is that Cooper eats it and enjoys it. I didn't go this alone I had the help of a dietician who was fantastic and gave me great recipes as starting points. We adapted these over the course of time. I also scoured the web for inspiration, but most of these recipes substituted sugar with honey, fructose (aaahhhh) or some artificial sweetener with the numbers 405, 505 and names I could not pronounce.

I have to say the cakes and biscuits we bake are not what I would choose to go out and buy myself. But when the majority of your food is either Beige or Green, then this is a real treat.

Children with Fructose malabsorption often can't tolerate wheat either because of the fructans in it. They also can't tolerate a lot of sugar, because sugar is made up of one molecule of sucrose and one of fructose. So, too much sugar and their system may not cope, because it can't absorb the fructose. Imagine making a cake with no wheat, no dairy, no egg and no sugar. No easy feat. My husband would take a bite of a biscuit and screw up his face. My reaction was, ‘well you make a biscuit out of nothing that resembles the ingredients’, and see how you do.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday little man

Happy Birthday Cooper.

Wow you turn 3 years old tomorrow.

I can't beleive it, you have grown into a beautiful natured boy. You have been through so much, so many wakeful and painful nights over those three years. I'm amazed that you've got such a good nature after the sleep depravation you've experienced.

It sometimes feels as though your baby years slipped through my hands. I was in such a blurred state of mind, after experiencing night after night of no sleep. I think months of you being a 'baby' were basically erased from my brain.

But look where you've come. You are now a very independant 3 year old.
Let me describe you at 3 years of age. Where do I start?

For starters you bring our family so much happiness and make us break into smiles and laughter with your funny antics. You love your big sister, and look to her for guidance, friendship, consolance and fun. Your days are filled playing outside with Kenya in earth's resources including sand, mud and water. The odd leaf or caterpiller also helps enormously when creating those beautiful cup cakes made of oozing mud.

You enjoy a bit of bike riding out in the helps to pass time. The sound effects you make with your lips and mouth also make the bike move faster and suddenly turn it into a very powerful red motorbike.

You are such a loving affectionate child. You come into our bed and it's like having a beetle on top of me in the morning. You just cling onto me for dear life. You always love a cuddle.

Our outings to the park are always entertaining but you love Helicopter park the most. You're at the age where a ball has to accompany you to the park. What's the point of of going to a park with perfectly good grass, if you don't take your ball?

You like drawing, and are good at drawing cars and people. I'm sure you will find other material out in our big blue world that will inspire you to move beyond the cars and people. Maybe balls or trees?

You are still my baby boy and will always be my little man. You came up to me this morning and said 'mummy cuddle', I quickly scooped you into my arms and held you tight, savouring the moment. Thinking in my head...enjoy this moment and freeze it.

You enjoyed your chocolate birthday cake (My own concoction) and quickly devoured it. It was loaded with sugar, but hey what the hell. You only ever turn 3 once in your life.

We love you. Happy birthday beanie.