Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moo Food

Cooper at the zoo and playing pirates with our home grown tomatoes.

We had a visit with the Allergy and Immunology Specialist. He was male and in his 50's very serious with a sparse personality. He didn't really engage with Cooper on any level unlike some great doctors that we have come across. That aside he had some good information and some great advice. Some of the things he had too say were technical even though he drew diagrams for me.

He felt that Cooper may have problems with preservatives such as sulphites including E220 and E228. Cooper can't eat sausages even when they have no soy protein in them. He suspected it's the preservatives in them.

The nurse was particularly good she took Cooper aside and spoke to him about the foods that he eats. She said to Cooper that he has a special tummy and that sometimes he just needs to give his tummy a rest from some foods. Cooper listened intently. Her talk with Cooper worked and he is much better now when I tell him he can't have the same snack as his sister.

They did skin prick testing on him for dairy, soy, fish egg etc. But of course it all came back negative. We then discussed what path we could go down next for Cooper. He said it was time to do a milk challenge test on Cooper and try lactose free. Try 1/8 of cup day one 1/4 cup day two, 1/2 cup day 3 and 1 cup day 4.

He said they could do a follow up in 6 months time if I was concerned. I knew then we wouldn't have to go back. Must be a mothers hunch. We left and went and bought the lactose free milk. The next day I poured my sweet boy the cows milk. He was so excited to try the 'cow in a cup'. He took a couple of small sips and said yuk.
'I don't like it', Cooper said.
I said, 'just try it a bit more'.

Cooper was not happy with the 'cow in a cup' he loves his rice milk. He has been on that since he was probably 12 months old. So it's a big change. He still won't drink plain cow milk or even have it on cereal.

During the last few months we have trialled Yoghurt (baby yoghurt gentle on little tummies). Well it wasn't gentle on Cooper's tummy. I later found out that some people with Fructose malabsorption can't tolerate Yoghurt. I always put it down to Cooper having the dairy protein intolerance. Confusing, I know.

We tried cheese and he devoured it with such enthusiam. No tummy aches. Yipppppeee.
We tried choc custard. He can tolerate it but the sugar intake is too high if he eats a full container (snack pack size).
We have tried ice cream (baby cone from Wendy's rainbow, banana and choc flavour) succcess. Dairy Icecream at home (small serve) . Success
Hot chocolate made weak with no sugar. Success.

Cooper has outgrown his dairy intolerance. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

The next challenges will be soy and egg. Not for a long while though. We are enjoying the moment.

I am so happy to report that Cooper is doing so well. We are all getting lots of sleep. Very few episodes of any tummy aches only if there is a mistake and someone innocently gives him sultanas or some other food he can't eat etc.

It's bliss. Life is swell.

Cooper takes a banana and rockmelon or strawberries mixed with a few grapes to kindy and has no tummy aches.

I never thought this day was going to come. One of the first Gastroenterologists told us that when children are about school age they often improve. Well Cooper is now 4 years and 5 months.

The puzzle is coming together, we have the Fructose Malabsorption under control. We have the Dairy problem under control. We just don't know exactly why Cooper can't eat sausages, commercial rissoles, or heavily processed meats. Hey but it's no great loss.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Today I looked back at video footage of Cooper as a toddler/baby waking up in the middle of the night, restless, wide awake and cramping. I recorded it for the gastroenterologist to prove to him I was not insane. Those days seem so long ago.

To any of you going through this, be strong, hug and kiss your children often, take lots of photos of them, play with them and try not to let food be the biggest focus.


Rachel said...

Thank you so much for your update! I am so glad for you and Cooper and feel hope that maybe we will get to that point, sad to think it may be a couple more years down the road, but even the possibility of improvement brings hope. Maybe we will try a milk challenge. She hasn't had any form of dairy since she was abt 6 months old. My daughter who had problems with milk protein got better after over a year maybe. I have been curious what fruits and vegetables Cooper tolerates? I feel like your description of his symptoms is the most similar to my little girls as any one else I have read. So glad that the specialist you saw was helpful and that things are going well for you. I will never be able to thank you enough for this blog as it led me to fructose malabsorption and an end to the intense loneliness. If you ever get the chance I'd love an email with what foods Cooper does tolerate well.
Thanks so much!

Liz and Cooper said...

Rachel good to see your comment. How often is your little one getting tummy aches and does it seem to happen at night? I'll email you and do a post about what foods Cooper can eat.

Especially the fruit and vegetables.

Thanks again

Lynne and Jeremy said...

Hi Liz, I have had two boys with 'issues' that sound very similar to Coopers My daughter had no issues when I breastfed but developed tummy troubles as she got older. No one I know, nor any professional has any idea of why my kids squirm, wriggle and cry at night (and used to be in the day all day or whenever I fed them!). I am going to read all your past blogs to see if there are any similarities in our stories. SO much better to get another Mum's experiences. Thank you for this. Lynne

April said...

I would like to talk with you sometime! My 20 month old son has the same intolerances that Cooper has. Thanks for your blog! I will pray for you and him. I know exactly what you're going through! Here's my blog about my son Brycen. You can also find me on Facebook - April Moyes or April (Moyes) Lee